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Bank Chor Dual Audio Hindi 720p

Bank Chor Dual Audio Hindi 720p - A Hilarious Heist Comedy

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining movie to watch, you should check out Bank Chor Dual Audio Hindi 720p. Bank Chor is a 2017 Indian black comedy film directed by Bumpy and starring Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi and Rhea Chakraborty. The film is about three morons who try to rob a bank on the worst day possible and end up in a hilarious mess. The film is available in dual audio, so you can enjoy it in both Hindi and English.

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What is Bank Chor about?

Bank Chor follows the misadventures of Champak Chandrakant Chiplunkar (Riteish Deshmukh), a simple Marathi man who decides to rob a bank with the help of two idiots from Delhi, Genda (Vikram Thapa) and Gulab (Bhuvan Arora). They disguise themselves as a sadhu, an elephant and a horse and enter the bank with guns. However, things go wrong from the start, as they encounter a tough CBI officer Amjad Khan (Vivek Oberoi), who shoots first and asks questions later, a bunch of crazy hostages, including a rapper Baba Sehgal, a hyper chef, a sassy bank teller and a nervous housewife, and a media circus outside led by a fashion journalist turned crime reporter Gayatri Ganguly (Rhea Chakraborty). As the heist turns into a comedy of errors, Champak and his gang realize that they are in for the worst day of their lives.

Why should you watch Bank Chor?

Bank Chor is a film that will make you laugh out loud with its witty dialogues, hilarious situations and quirky characters. The film has a fast-paced and engaging plot that keeps you hooked till the end. The film also has some twists and turns that will surprise you and keep you guessing. The film has a talented cast that delivers superb performances. Riteish Deshmukh is brilliant as the hapless Champak, who tries to justify his actions with his middle-class background. Vivek Oberoi is impressive as the ruthless Amjad Khan, who has a hidden agenda behind his actions. Rhea Chakraborty is charming as the smart and sassy Gayatri Ganguly, who has her own ambitions. The supporting cast, including Baba Sehgal, Sahil Vaid, Vikram Thapa and Bhuvan Arora, also add to the humor and fun of the film.

Where can you watch Bank Chor?

You can watch Bank Chor Dual Audio Hindi 720p on Prime Video, where it is included with your Prime membership. You can also rent or buy the film on other platforms like YouTube, Google Play or iTunes. You can also read more about the film on IMDb or Wikipedia. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn and enjoy this hilarious heist comedy with your friends and family.




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