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Greyson Hughes
Greyson Hughes

Dying Light 3

Another reason why Techland did not make Dying Light a sequel to Dead Island was because the team wanted to create a survival game with a serious tone, while Dead Island's story is lighthearted and the game features mostly hack and slash gameplay.[28] According to producer Tymon Smektała, the team aimed to create a story that was "more mature and more serious".[30] Concerned that their team of Poles would not be able to write a story that appealed to North American audiences, Techland invited DC Comics writer Dan Jolley to be a consultant for the story.[31] Inspirations for the story were drawn from novels such as The Plague and Heart of Darkness.[32] Despite the serious tone, the game features some exotic weapons. Game designer Maciej Binkowski felt that the game featured "Hollywood realism", and that they did not intend to make over-the-top weapons like the Dead Rising series.[33] Like Dead Island, the game's combat was melee-focused, and the team invited a group of Krav Maga technique experts to show the programmers and designers "what it was like to hit something" in order to further refine the game's combat.[34]

Dying light 3

As seen below in Dying Light's three year anniversary celebration video, Techland thanks the game's community for its continued support, with the survival-horror title having seen its fan base grow in a major way ever since its release back in 2015. In order to sweeten its message of appreciation, Techland is set to deliver free gifts to players throughout the course of February, with a Valentine's Day-themed Undying Love community bounty, as well as free weekly giveaways on both Steam and Gemly.

Firaxis Games also introduced DLSS 3 to Marvel's Midnight Suns with the free update that went live alongside the Deadpool DLC. The performance boost is slightly lower here, but RTX 4090 can still look forward to an average of 156.9 FPS.

Slightly to the north of the Dam which is also north of the Mount Lucid Observatory, is a Nightrunner's Safehouse inside a bus. There is also a safe inside which can be opened to find the next duck, using code 966. 041b061a72




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