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Everett Price
Everett Price

Grid Autosport [UPDATED]

The career mode of Grid Autosport basically encapsulates the entire experience. Five different disciplines are offered: Touring, Open Wheel, Endurance, Tuner and Street Racing. Touring boasts high contact pack racing with an emphasis on realism and teams. Races feature cars with closely matched specifications and events split into multiple rounds at the same location where grid order is reversed for the second round. Open Wheel is a fast but disciplined mode all about grid mastering in F1 cars. Qualifying order is always retained here. Endurance is the most demanding discipline where players must constantly focus to cope with night time conditions and extended races. Thanks to stresses like rolling starts, keeping tires preserved is crucial. Tuner is the mode best played by those seeking a more traditional experience, placing focus on muscle cars and tuners competing in classic races, time attacks and drift events. Drift are the most difficult events, requiring a a smooth flow to be maintained across courses. Finally, Street Racing is the highest intensity mode and sees players competing on tight city streets while contending with narrow lines of sight and track surface changes. Once a high enough level is reached from completing events, Grid Championships are unlocked. All five main modes bring something different to the table and should be experienced by every player regardless of their main focus.

Grid Autosport

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Been playing Grid Autosport this weekend (I'm level 165 in RR3), and can say it's different and more challenging in ways. You definately need to tweak the settings (weirdly they put them in your device app settings on iOS) so there is 0 dead zone on the steering, and I've been messing with TC to get just enough slip but not so much I spin out in every corner. It's definately not RR, but neither is F1 2016 or Assoluto Racing (I play both of these as well from time to time), and while I do love RR, I would say Grid is a little more "real." By real, I mean there are car parts that fall off from accidents and get left on the track, signs and cones that you hit litter the track, there are corner cutting penalties, you have to focus and stay on top of your steering as you're always adjusting, you can race a practice to get a feel for the track (there are like 100 tracks in the game, so practice laps are very much needed) as well as a qualifing race before hand to fight for pole position, and, yes, you can even start first on the grid and not dead last like every race in RR. Anyway, thats just a few things I have noticed after playing for a few days. 041b061a72




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