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Everett Price
Everett Price

Teenybopper Videos !FULL! Free

Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks at various locations; July 4; 8pm; free For this mother of all pyrotechnic displays, Macy's will explode more than 40,000 fireworks choreographed to a 25-minute patriotic score over the East River. Stake out a nice spot near the Brooklyn Bridge, and bring your own picnic basket with beverages to toast our country's birthday.

teenybopper videos free

The 6th Annual New York Poetry Festival Governors Island Colonels Row; July 30, 31; 11am; free Frolic through your weekend with a full two-days of verse readings, featuring local poets from reading series such as the Poetry Brothel. Snag a patch of grass on Governors Island and enjoy the artistry in the summer sun. See the website for a full schedule.

Lesbo-a-GoGo The Stonewall Inn; July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; 10pm; free Gay ladies pack the upstairs dance floor at Stonewall for this Friday night party featuring cheap drinks with visiting guests rotating on the decks.

Troupe429 Mayfair New York Times Square; July 2, 10pm; free Head to the Mayfair's underground every first Saturday of the month for a relaxed night of crowd-pleasing jams from your favorite divas and queens from the past and present. While Britney, Christina, Left Eye and Aaliyah play all night, revisit classic N64 games (GoldenEye, anyone?), snag cheap drink specials and whiskey tastings, and even play some sloppy beer pong.

Q-Train Sycamore; July 7; 8pm; free Ditmas Park's ever-growing queer populace is invited to mix and mingle at this monthly shindig. Play dirty bingo with host Ariel Speedwagon and dance to jams by everyone from Tina Turner to Fergie as DJ GoGo Gadget and drag boss Ariel Italic take over the dancefloor.

Bowery Comedy at the Bowery Electric; July 9; 6pm; free Before a late night of sets gets rolling, head to the Bowery for a stacked Happy Hour featuring prolific stand-ups like Josh Gondelman and Naomi Ekperigin.

Men on Boats Playwrights Horizons; previews start July 20; $50In this freewheeling historical riff, playwright Jaclyn Backhaus uses an all-female and gender nonconforming cast to tell the manly story of an 1869 river expedition.

Money, as Cyndi Lauper once sang, changes everything. Just ask the Backstreet Boys: In the wake of their multi-platinum breakthrough, the kings of teenybopper pop have found themselves embroiled in a complex web of lawsuits and disputes, according to Entertainment Weekly magazine.

However, I also kept a case of condoms in the home for their use, made sure my daughter was under the care of a gynecologist (she was allowed to make appointments on-demand without having to discuss her reasons if she did not wish to), was vaccinated with Gardisil, and allowed for OPEN discussions about sex without judgment from my husband and I. As parents, we knew that sex would happen before marriage and made sure our teens knew all the reasons why not to have sex but also how to act responsibly when the time came.I saw way too many parents with teens hand over cars, with gas and insurance, not know where they went and with whom, and actually held parties complete with alcohol and weed! (They would get it anyway!) These are the clueless teens who are ill equipped to handle total freedom when they need rules, boundaries, and limitations on behavior and then experience the consequences unacceptable behavior the most! It was the easy way out for these parents because our way was the hardest way - raising teens is the worst because of the battle of wills it brings. Parents have to go the distance especially when teens are nasty, irrational, impatient, yell, scream, are sleep deprived, and beg for freedom. Parents have the tools to overcome the "media" but don't exercise control measures because it's HARD WORK to do so.

I do believe that if parents and society hold teens to higher standards, they will perform at those high standards. It is to easy to say that teens will be teens and will engage in sex because of thier developmental state. It is much more difficult to educate those same teens about sexuality, its consequences and its true "sacred" purpose (to strengthen a sincere relationship). Think about it. YOur body is your most intimate and sacred possession. Do you really want to freely share it? What about the psychological and sometimes physical consequences (there are other physical consequences besides pregnancy and STDs) for female teens who are sexual? Why is there such a great need for Gardisil? There wasn't a need before. Why are female teens so insecure and struggling with their images instead of the smartness? I have girls pretend to be dumb, so the guy they like is not intimdated.

Despite the strong natural urge to rebel in my teenage years I find myself coming back to their philosophy because in the end it is based on LOVE and RESPECT and HONESTY. I have failed to make good decisions plenty of times, but I am proud to say that I have been confronted with drugs (many varieties), alcohol, and sex and have not given way to what I felt like doing with those temptations, not once. Perhaps I have had too much freedom in other areas, but these have stayed strong. My parents aren't perfect, but they'd never assume so either.

I have great pity for kids like those described in the "OC" post above. Forgive me, Lauren, but I couldn't disagree with you more. It may seem like you have molded safe and healthy children because you very carefully guided them through their mistakes. But in the end you have empowered them to believe that as long as they stay within the rules and boundaries: "safe sex", avoiding bad situations and bad crowds, making the healthy choice... that they will ultimately be happy. Sure, maybe they'll be successful if they live that long, but success doesn't fill emptiness, and wont necessarily lead to happiness. How could you make that awful presumption NOT to pass judgment at a time when their judgment was so lacking? You really thought not giving them a car except when they asked for it was any different from giving them a car? (Perhaps you don't realize how incredible your capability to give them one in the first place is). You think well informed carefully planned STD free sex is all one needs to justify having it? You honestly believe that experience is the best way to learn about the consequences of unacceptable behavior? What will they do when there are no rules? What will they do when you aren't there?

Our sex and violence is destroying us. The Europeans do a much better job of raising responsible children. Could there be a connection between our obsession with free markets capitalism and raw sensation seeking?

I think we get so caught up in defending free speech that we forget why we have it; to communicate ideas and thoughts. So we've got the medium down pat... it's just the message that we've seemed to lose. I can't tell you how many of my students can't name the last 5 presidents, much less in order. But they can bring me up to speed on Lost or Dexter.

I think of writers who faced censorship... Hemingway, Balzac, Falkner. I wonder how they would feel to know what we do with a freedom that they would have done anything to have. This isn't to say that we should censor shows that lack a depth or intelligence to them... that would be horrible. I'm saying that maybe we, as a society, should put down the remote and talk to each other... or read a book... or WRITE a book. Then, just maybe we can break free from this pop-culture that seems to value only one aspect of humanity; its lust.

FEW top Irish athletes would admit to being Westlife fans and the teenybopper crooners are definitely off their Valentine's list after the knock-on effect they have had on the AAI National Indoor Championships this weekend.

  • When it comes to permanently scarring our body with needles and ink, we require three things: cleanliness, comfort and chemistry. We need to know the equipment is sanitary. We need people who ease our anxiety. And we need to know that the artist will work with us to make us happy. And that's why we keep going back to Pair O' Dice (and so do our friends). Richard Stell's been running this Deep Ellum institution for 11 years, enlisting the help of partner/artist Deb Brody and a succession of "kids" who hone their craft under his steady and heavy hand. Your mama may have said never trust a man with tattoos, but she was wrong.Readers' PickTigger's Tattoos2602 Main St.214-655-2639 if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Train Wreck of a Local TV News AnchorMike Snyder, NBC 5 (KXAS-TV Channel 5) dnLoadScript(" ", true); Jane McGarry's co-host, on the other hand, we love for an entirely different reason: He's batshit. This is a man who takes everything so seriously he thinks Friends is a documentary. Listen to his baritone voice boom as he stares at the camera wide-eyed during some sort of catastrophe story: "Today in Dallas MANY PEOPLE DIED in a FANTASTIC FIRE on a bus this afternoon. Here is video of their decaying corpses, which we bring you FIRST ON 5!" Watch his jowls turn red with excitement as he bellows, "A new study suggests YOU MAY BE DYING OF CANCER." All of this would be tawdry in the most unappealing way, except that through some weird newsreader-viewer alchemy, Mike Snyder's presentation becomes tawdry in the most appealing way. Watching him is like watching Jerry Jones try to form thoughts at a news conference: It's so mesmerizingly alien you think you should be charged to view it. Someday we'd like to stick a pat of butter in his mouth--not to see if it would melt, but to see if it would turn into iron. He's that freaky. Bless his heart.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Way to Satisfy Pretty Much Every Vice at the Same TimeFree poker tournaments at The Lodge dnLoadScript(" ", true); We live in a world of modern convenience where cars have TVs and DVD players in them and even a lowly cigarette lighter can occasionally be outfitted to double as a bottle opener. The same concept of convenience applies to the free Sunday-afternoon no-limit Texas hold 'em tourneys at The Lodge, which, if you didn't know, is one of the area's finer gentlemen's clubs. (Or strip bar. Whatever. We're cool either way.) Where else can you gamble, drink, smoke and ogle nekkid ladies at the same time? Oh, yeah. Vegas. But that's, like, far away and stuff. Besides, we're fairly sure you can't do all of that at the same time, even there. If you're feeling guilty about this, just hit church in the morning.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Local TV News ShowCBS 11 (KTVT-TV Channel 11) dnLoadScript(" ", true); If Ed Bark at The Dallas Morning News were ever again allowed to write about local TV news, we get a strong sense that he would disagree mightily with this pick. Not because Bark is a shill for Belo--in fact, we believe it's his record of objectivity that so bothers the higher-ups at the Belo Death Star (we're looking at you, Jack Sander). After all, synergy is a team sport; can't have one Belo property objectively reviewing another, can we? No, we think Bark would object because he's a bit of a ratings hound. He enjoys--or used to, when he was allowed to cover his beat--the racehorse aspects of a ratings we all do, to a point. But we think ratings reflect only someone's comfort level (they watch a station because they've always watched that station) or titillation-inspired interest (hello, Channel 5) in a news broadcast. But our fave broadcast right now is low-rated Channel 11's. The anchors--Tracy Rowlett, Karen Borta, Rene Syler--are engaging. Two of them are even really nice to look at. We're a fan of Babe Laufenberg on sports, and the news team is solid: Ginger Allen, Angela Hale, Mary Stewart, Michael Hill. There are a few better reporters at other stations, like Brett Shipp and Valeri Williams, and we're still big fans of Channel 4 workhorse Shaun Rabb. But for the whole package, we'll take Channel 11--even if, according to the ratings, you won't.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Way to Be Famous and Not So Much at the Same TimeBeing a member of The Polyphonic Spree dnLoadScript(" ", true); When you're in a band with, like, 24 other people, you're not going to get rich anytime soon. Probably not ever. You can, however, be famous--sort of--if that band happens to be The Polyphonic Spree. You'll tour with David Bowie, travel around the world for free, see your face in magazines and on TV, hear your voice or flute or French horn or whatever on the radio, maybe even be detained by the FBI from time to time. And as soon as you take off your choir robe, not a single person will know who you are. It's the best of both worlds, getting all the cool stuff with none of the hassle. Only downside: Anyone under the age of 40 who owns a white choir robe and can sway in a rhythmic fashion can pretend to be you. But that's pretty cool, too, right?if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Movie TheaterInwood Theater dnLoadScript(" ", true); The Angelika multiplex is still too new to take this category, and we're not yet sure if it will next year, anyway. (Although it is pretty sweet. See "Best Movie Pitch Worth the Wait" in Scenes.) The Inwood is a grand old dame of a movie theater and again deserves our "Best Of" label, hands down (the Lakewood and the Regent are also treasures). Why? It has tradition, beautiful architecture and a passionate moviegoing audience. (Plus, we just dig the Gone With the Wind staircase.) Ditto for the murals. Although we're fans of the Angelika and all it has to offer, we nevertheless pray the Inwood will continue offering its indie treasures.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Phoenix ImpersonationRosewood Center for Family Arts dnLoadScript(" ", true); This chunk of concrete and steel on Skillman Street near Northwest Highway was a Don Carter's All Star Lanes, with peewee leagues where kids would win tiny trophies and learn the thrill of victory and the agony of an ill-timed gutter ball. Now--nearly $10 million and two and a half years of construction later--you'd barely recognize it. Renamed the Rosewood Center for Family Arts, it's the home of the Dallas Children's Theater, where kids take classes on being tiny Laurence Oliviers and learn the thrill of professionally produced drama starring adult actors, some of whom also teach at the facility, which houses two theaters (one seats 400; the other, 140), classrooms, DCT's offices, a scene shop, a prop studio and a costume warehouse. The fund raising has been mostly grassroots, donated by fans of children's theater--both individual and professional--and the renovations continue as money comes available. Gone are the Oscar Mayer hot dogs. It's time for some Oscar-aspiring performances.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Radio StationKEGL-FM 97.1 "The Eagle" dnLoadScript(" ", true); Very few radio stations worry about music anymore. Most are built around "personalities," DJs and boring rant-talk-show hosts who do nothing more than spew banality for fours hour a day. Those stations that do play music program by focus group or by imitation, although it's hard to tell the difference anymore. One seems to beget the other, and any sense of a station's identity is lost. Really, what is the difference between The Wolf and KSCS? Merge and the Edge? KISS-FM and TRL? The Talk that Rocks and three boring drunk systems analysts from Garland? We'd rather listen to a radio station that has a clear voice, one with old-school rock-and-roll DJs who sound like they enjoy only aural, carnal and illicit activities, in no particular order. Where else can you find such an anti-teenybopper playlist: Tool followed by Godsmack followed by Mudvayne followed by Tantric followed by Linkin Park. Do we listen to, or even like, or even know how to spell any of these thrash-metal bands? Hell no. That's the point. We're old. We like wussy smart-rock written and strummed by bespectacled private-school kids who think angst and a slight paunch equals sexy. But for all you future tire repairmen in Mesquite who tell your parents "F-you" every morning before you ingest crank and floor your El Camino down I-635 on your way to DeVry, there's a station for you, and we're honestly thankful. The last thing the world needs to hear on the airwaves is more of the crap we bob our heads to.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Radio Talk ShowMark Davis dnLoadScript(" ", true); While all the other talk jocks seem to be collapsing into a single personality and voice, Mark Davis gets more distinctive. First of all, he actually knows some stuff and appears to have a life, something beyond skimming the front page and then trying to channel Rush Limbaugh. Some of his tangents are arcane, like his passionate interest in the sport of curling, but at least you know he gets out of the sound booth once in a while. His callers are often an intriguing lot, like the woman who, while calling, was being attacked by a basset hound, a toy poodle and a dachshund/Chihuahua mix but wanted to keep talking to Davis anyway. That's animal magnetism! Generally speaking, Mark Davis provides a uniquely engaging perspective on the city's everyday life.Readers' PickRuss Martin ShowLive 105.3 if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas2022

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