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Everett Price
Everett Price

The Gauntlet

The two hijack a bus and outfit it with a crude set of armor made from scrap steel. They are about to enter Phoenix when Maynard Josephson, an old friend of Shockley's, warns the two of a gauntlet of armed police officers that Blakelock has set up to "welcome" them. Josephson convinces Shockley to turn himself in to Feyderspiel, whom he thinks is an honest broker. As the pair follow Josephson out of the bus, Josephson is shot dead by snipers from a nearby building, and Shockley is hit in the leg.

The Gauntlet

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With no other option, the two return to the bus and enter the town. The bus is shot at as it runs the titular "gauntlet" of hundreds of armed officers lining both sides of the road, until it reaches the steps of City Hall, finally immobilized. The two emerge from the riddled bus and surrender, but Shockley uses Feyderspiel as a shield, to have him confess that Blakelock and Feyderspiel are both corrupt. The enraged Blakelock opens fire, killing Feyderspiel and wounding Shockley. Blakelock is then killed by Mally. Realizing Blakelock's crime and having witnessed his wanton killing of Feyderspiel, the rest of the assembled officers watch as Shockley and Mally walk away safely from the gauntlet.

Written by Dennis Shryack and Michal Butler,[1] the film was originally set to star Marlon Brando and Barbra Streisand; Brando subsequently withdrew and was replaced by Steve McQueen.[4] However, differences between McQueen and Streisand ultimately led to their joint departure in favor of Eastwood and Locke. Some preproduction discussion occurred regarding transforming the Ben Shockley role into a down-and-out Dirty Harry portrayal.[5] The Gauntlet was filmed in Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as in nearby deserts in both states.[1] The set for the house scene was built at a cost of $250,000 and included 7,000 drilled holes that would include explosive squibs for its demolition.[2] The helicopter chase scene included a helicopter that was built without an engine for the crash sequence.[2] To simulate the gunshots from the gauntlet of officers at the end of the film, the bus was blasted with 8,000 squibs.[2] From the total budget of $5.5 million, $1 million were spent on the various action sequences.[1]

Gauntlet comes from Middle French gantelet, the diminutive of gant, meaning "glove." (The gauntlet that means "severe trial," "ordeal," or "double file of armed men" is a different word that originates from Swedish gata, meaning "lane" or "way.") To throw down the gauntlet is to issue an open challenge, while to pick up the gauntlet is to accept an open challenge. These figurative phrases come from the conventions of medieval combat. The gauntlet was the glove of a suit of armor. To challenge someone to combat, a knight would throw his glove at another knight's feet. The second knight would take it up if he intended to accept the challenge, in which case a jousting match might ensue.

I read a lot of comic books and watch a lot of movies with superheroes, but the gauntlet taught me how to be my own hero and fight my own battles. It's a gym where you can improve your mind and body. Not only did I lose weight, but I gained confidence, focus, and perspective. We are all capable of whatever we put our minds to, and the gauntlet will show you that.

I'm currently trading the gauntlet challenge for the second time. First time I failed on day 7 because I hit the max loss (thought I was in my sim account lol). But truthfully was very motivated and did not mind paying the reset fee because of how much I appreciate the people at earn2trade. I enjoy the interface on their website, and their support will blow you away. They are so quick and helpful to respond it makes the entire experience far less stressful, especially when you need help and had a bad day. Thanks guys.

The help desk very quick and always efficient, they answered my queries immediately. I passed the gauntlet mini the day before a subscription renewal was due, they ensured that their automated system did not take out the payment. Extremely professional company.

The Gauntlet is an end-game area in Fear & Hunger. It becomes available after stabbing all three hearts of the God of the Depths and is accessed by entering through his mouth. It is necessary to enter to reach endings A and B and is impossible to return from. It contains several traps, such as periodically appearing spikes (touching which reduces health but does not bring it below 1hp), massive rolling boulders (which can insta-kill the player), and lizard mages. The player can also fall to the wrong parts of the gauntlet should they make a misstep, which will result in being chased by the double-headed crow mauler.

Haazen bestowed his Sith lightsaber upon Lucien, and declaring his intention to turn the Jedi into his Sith apprentice, Haazen went outside to receive the Sith artifacts being brought from the Jedi Temple. As he inspected the artifacts, Haazen witnessed the end of the duel between Lucien Draay and Zayne Carrick. When Carrick seemingly killed Draay and bowed before Haazen, the Sith believed that he had found a new apprentice. Allowing Carrick to touch him, Haazen lowered his guard, leaving Carrick with an opening to slice off Haazen's gauntlet hand; a grisly prosthesis.[4]

The gauntlet has you taking on all of the King's Champions in order. If you fail on one of the bosses, you have to restart from The Pawns, though after each successful match, health is fully restored. Finishing The Gauntlet will get you the "A King's Admiration" achievement.

Romeo's Gauntlet is a glove that Romeo puts on his champions. It is found by Jesse in the underground and makes its debut appearance in Season 2, "Hero in Residence". When Romeo sticks a new gauntlet to either Petra or Jack's hand, the colors of the gauntlet turn red. 041b061a72




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