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Greyson Hughes
Greyson Hughes

Girl Rider: A Funny and Challenging Running Game for Girls

Girl Rider is an online girl game that we hand picked for This is one of our favorite mobile girl games that we have to play. Simply click the big play button to start having fun. If you want more titles like this, then check out Beauty Runner Funny or Hair Dash Challenge.To play even more free games, view our all time top games page.

girl rider game

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Tickets to the event are all-inclusive. This means your ticket includes your seat to the game with food and beverages and access to the post-game movie and sleepover on the field all for just $25 a ticket. A special RoughRiders scout patch is included as well.

Via the monitor Erika holds before Eiji and Ankh, Kougami proceeds to negotiate with the latter in forming a partnership where they all share the Medals, with Kougami receiving 70%, while Erika gives Eiji a box of Candroids as a sign of good will. However, Ankh is unable to accept the terms as he is given time to think it over. Meanwhile, as the Greeed now assume human forms on response to Kazari realizing humanity has changed, Mezool approaches a rich girl named Haruka Yamano and uses her to create a mass of roe which soon begins to multiply based on Haruka's desire for shopping. The next day, while going to her fashion college, Hina meets up with Haruka who gives her a scarf that she drops due to bumping into her. Elsewhere, Ankh tries to research the Kougami Foundation to track Kougami down to teach him a lesson, but he is interrupted when he senses a strange presence. He takes Eiji to the location as he has him transform into Kamen Rider OOO before Mezool appears. Though evenly matched with Kamen Rider OOO, Mezool falls back. Though he detects her Yummy's faint presence, Ankh leaves Eiji so he can resume his search for Kougami. Eiji goes off on his own when he realizes that Ankh was looking at a particular building. However, he finds Hina there, who says that her friend Haruka lives in the building, even though Eiji warns her that a monster may be inside. When Mezool meets up with her fellow Greeed, she mentions how she has come across Ankh and Eiji. Uva decides to hunt them down and finds Eiji on his own as he finds Hina at Haruka's place. Uva attacks Eiji, who is unable to transform into Kamen Rider OOO to defend himself. He activates a Takacandroid to carry one of the new Battacandroids to alert Ankh to the attack. As Eiji attempts to escape from Uva on a Ridevendor, the Battacandroid makes it to Ankh as he gets on a Ridevendor himself. Elsewhere, Hina finds Haruka who tries to brush her off until Haruka gets a call from her father who is on business in America, alerting her that that they are now bankrupt. When Ankh finds Eiji and Uva, he gives Eiji the Core Medals so he transforms into Kamen Rider OOO. During the fight, Uva attempts to retrieve his Batta Medal and has the upper hand in the match. Realizing that Kamen Rider OOO could be defeated, Ankh brings up the fact that Kazari has taken the Kamakiri Medal that he originally stole. Uva becomes enraged and confused about learning this as Kamen Rider OOO transforms into Takatorartar, giving him the upper hand in the fight. Uva bleeds out several Cell Medals and Ankh catches some of his Core Medals that are also ejected, realizing that he now has a set of three Core Medals: the Batta Medal, the Kamakiri Medal, and the Kuwagata Medal.

The mascot of the Genm Corp. game DoReMiFa Beat, the character of Poppy Pipopapo was conceived by Kuroto Dan. As a Bugster, Poppy's origin is traced to the Y2K bug, which left what would be known as the Bugster Virus on the young Kuroto's computer shortly following New Year's 2000. After Kuroto extracted the virus from Emu Hojo, Poppy Pipopapo emerged from the Game Illness of Kuroto's mother, Sakurako Dan, at the cost of her life, thus completing Poppy's existence as a Bugster.

Five years after Zero Day, Asuna Karino proposed the anonymous gamer "M" as the next Gamer Driver candidate. Along the way, she runs into Emu Hojo, a pediatrics intern chasing after his patient, Sota Suyama. While she initially kept Emu silent over Sota's condition, Asuna later revealed to him about the Bugster Virus, leading Emu to take the Gamer Driver to defeat the Bugster himself. Learning that Emu is "Genius Gamer M", she later brings him back to CR after he defeated the Salty Bugster, where she officially revealed herself as Poppy Pipopapo. She christens Emu as "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid".

Asuna would learn that the Kamen Riders and the Bugster Virus were intended to be part of Kuroto Dan's ultimate game, Kamen Rider Chronicle. During the penultimate battle against Genm, Asuna was present to see Emu's Gamer Driver gets destroyed to ensure he doesn't remain a threat to his goals. Fortunately, he was defeated by Emu using Kiriya's Gamer Driver and the newly-acquired Maximum Mighty X Gashat and becomes Maximum Gamer Level 99, allowing Ex-Aid to reprogram the Bugster Virus, allowing him to defeat Kuroto and strip him of his powers.

Following the defeat of Kuroto Dan, Asuna meets the new Genm Corp. CEO Ren Amagasaki, who is looking for a singer for the company's latest video game. After she reveals her true identity as Poppy Pipopapo, a Bugster from DoReMiFa Beat, she is brainwashed to sing the new game's theme PEOPLE GAME. She is later brought to Genm Corp., much to Parado's expectations, as Poppy is the final component of Kamen Rider Chronicle.

Serving as the mascot Kamen Rider Chronicle, Poppy becomes the navigator for the Ride-Players. She is later given the Gashacon Bugvisor II and the Toki Meki Crisis Gashat to become into Kamen Rider Poppy, enforcing the game's rules and punishing the Kamen Riders. Although Emu was unsettled by this, Parado reveals Poppy's memories were reset, alledging her true purpose was to collect data from CR for the Bugsters.

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As Poppy was about to regain her memories, Emu took the initiative to reprogram her with Maximum Mighty X and revert Poppy back to her usual self. However, doing so allowed Poppy access to her host's memories. This left her conflicted over Poppy'strue nature as a Bugster that harms humans. However, Emu assures her that she loves to dance and play with people regardless if they are human or Bugster, allowing Emu to successfully saving her saddened heart. Though Emu's promises to play with her after "clearing" her game, this left Parado displeased and would go on to possess Emu.

Poppy would continue to assist the Kamen Riders from the sidelines. As the game continues, Kuroto's father Masamune Dan later reveals himself to be the true mastermind and transforms into Kamen Rider Cronus. While he exploits the use of Pause and possesses the Proto Gashats that held the Game Over victims, Kuroto creates Hyper Muteki for Ex-Aid to counteract Cronus. Poppy would later help convince Parado to join forces with Emu and help him realize how they are more alike. After some trials and tribulations, the Kamen Riders advanced to the final stage of Rider Chronicle, preparing to confront the last boss Gamedeus.

One year later, Asuna and Kiriya are researching and distributing Bugster Vaccines to patients, while Kuroto is back in his arcade cabinet prison, laughing madly as he has developed an unbeatable game. Asuna changes into Poppy and shuts the cabinet off as punishment for Kuroto trying to cause trouble again.

The next day, she scolds Parado for slacking off on the Seito University Hospital rooftop and forces him to work with Saiko Yaotome in the meantime. She assists Saiko in her "Let's Make A Bugster!" game and tried on different Costume Changes. However, it is revealed to be part of Saiko's plans to awaken the genes of her human host, Sakurako Dan, and Poppy is immediately tied up. After Parado help free her and uncovered Saiko's plan, Poppy join forces with Para-DX against a Genomes duplicate created by Saiko and Another Para-DX. After a victory by the Bugster Riders, Kuroto reveals himself and immediately turned on Saiko, even taking Black Parado's data just to devour it.

As part of the Ishimori Productions collaboration limited game event, Kamen Rider Poppy was an unlockable character in this puzzle RPG mobile game.[1] This event eventually made its way to the international versions of the mobile game on January 2020 and lasted until the 19th of that month.

After being brainwashed by the Bugsters, Poppy still has her bubbly personality, but she seems completely apathetic to the suffering of humans and casually focuses on her job as the "navigator" of Kamen Rider Chronicle. However, if Kamen Riders help the Ride-Players in the "game", which she states is against the rules, she will take on a serious persona briefly with a deeper voice before transforming and attack them as Kamen Rider Poppy. When Emu tried to get through to her to snap out of it, her erased memory and programmed loyalty to her kind caused her to knock him aside without a second thought. Fortunately, Emu restored her to normal using his reprogramming powers as Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer Level 99.

This form is Poppy's standard Bugster form. She can change into this form whenever she wants to, usually when dealing with Bugsters or when she enters the game world. She remained in this form for the most part of Kamen Rider Chronicle, due to her role as a component Bugster of the game. In Engineered History!, she is seen wearing a yellow colored capelet.

These are the costumes are exclusive to Pipupepo Party Poppy Pipopapo & Asuna Karino Photo Book, Most of Poppy's form in this photo book is based on a list of games in the CR room that reference Heisei Kamen Rider Series.

In episode 12, Hiiro Kagami pointed out that her alias, Asuna Karino is simply a wordplay of "temporary nurse" (仮のナース, Kari no Nāsu). As Poppy Pipopapo, her name likely originates from the Japanese onomatopoeia "pipopapo" a sound effect often used for computers or video games, similar to the English "beep boop."




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